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Little changes that make a big difference.

Life is complex.

If it wasn’t we’d go crazy long before it ended.

Things change and you can’t stop them from changing.

So use change to your advantage by making small changes over the course of your life that make it better.

Our Creator put us here for a purpose. Discovering and living that purpose is what makes life an adventure.

Each little piece of knowledge we use to make changes I call a distinction. Distinctions can be life encompassing, or specific to a context. Tips, tricks and habits that make you better at whatever you are doing.

Distinctions for Life TV is dedicated to bringing you these simple distinctions that make a big difference. And connecting you to resources to dig deeper and learn more.

About Ron

My name is Ron Davis. I’m a 40something nationally publish author and fashion photographer, mac programmer, wannabe filmmaker and serial obsessive. For the past few of decades I’ve moved from one interesting preoccupation to another.

I’ve had a successful career programming the Mac. Worked for companies like metrowerks, and Apple. I aspired to work for each of these companies and managed to make it happen. While doing so I got to live where I wanted, mostly in Texas.

I’ve become a pretty good photographer of beautiful women, with a studio in Houston where I, along with my partners, teach workshops on studio photography. I’ve been published in a national fashion magazine – Gothic Beauty. Published the 2007 Goth Swimsuit Calendar and taught pinup and glamour photography. I’ve got what I consider a unique portfolio, with its own story telling style.

I’ve studied theology, shooting, business, church growth, fitness, apologetics and philosophy. I’ve walked on fire at 2 AM in Dallas Texas, and helped raise and home school two boys that are making me proud. I’ll have been married 20 years in 2008 to a better woman than I deserve and had one of the best marriages of anyone I know.

I’ve blogged over 5 years on all kinds of subjects.

After all this, I’m still surprised almost daily on how much I don’t know. I’m constantly learning new things that make a difference in my life. Generally these new things can be explained in just a couple of minutes, but make a big impact if put into action. So I decided to create a video show where I tell you about them. That is what Distinctions For Life is.

A distinction is a truth, habit, bit of knowledge, or daily action. When you take these actions you change your life. When you don’t take them you change your life as well, but generally not for the better. The only way to stop changing is to die, and even then your choices make a difference.

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