How Beliefs Effect Your Emotions

This episode is all about how what we believe about something effects our emotions. If we believe an action means someone is dishonest then we feel bad, but if we believe and action means someone is kind, we feel good.

Beliefs are powerful influences in our lives. Matter of fact they are a whole genre of distinctions we’ll be talking about on Distinctions For life. Please share beliefs that make a big difference to you in the comments below.

How Beliefs Effect Your Emotions from Ron Davis on Vimeo.

Resources Mentioned

Tony Robbins

How To Use Focus To Change How You Feel

You will learn how to use your power of focus to change your emotions in a second on this episode.

You also gets some tips on how to enjoy a party.

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How To Use Focus To Change How You Feel from Ron Davis on Vimeo.

How To Use Your Body To Control Your Emotions

Our emotions can be our strongest allies or our worst enemies. This first episode of Distinctions For Life, gives you some tips to take control of your feelings and make them work for you. Combat depression, anger, frustration, sorrow, melancholy and other negative emotions with what you learn in this episode. You will also receive valuable resources for follow up study. Get a review of Tony Robbins, books, audio programs and seminars from someone who has been there. Learn how cool firewalking can be.

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