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Ron Davis is the face of and creative mastermind behind Distinctions For Life. 

DFL, for short, helps ambitious people get what they really want in life with small changes that make a big difference.

Ron is currently focusing in on helping people go from being wannabe entrepreneurs to having a sustainable and profitable business.

My primary platform for doing this a growing YouTube Channel and I do elite one-on-one mentoring.

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Elite Mentoring

Ron has a limited number of positions open for proteges to work one-on-one with him.

The Latest From The Distinctions For Life YouTube Channel.

The DFL Toolbox

Over the years Ron has produced a lot of content to help you succeed. The tool box is where all of those free resources have been gathered.

There are 3 kinds of resources in the toolbox:

  • Distinctions: These are long form articles giving you beliefs, ideas, and metaphors that can make a big difference in your life.
  • Life Hacks: These are habits, tools or systems that once implemented in your life will change you for the better. These are often the “small changes” that make the big difference.
  • Resource Collections: Whether it is branding, personal development, or business Ron’s put together list of resources on the web that can help you.


Doing something once isn’t trying made me think about how we make something the best it can be by doing it many times. I first

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False Dichotomies

Beware of false dichotomies. In life you are often taught you are, or must, be one of two things. Republican or Democrat. Conservative or Liberal.

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Ring on Keychain

I’m a little paranoid about losing my wedding ring. This means I pretty much leave it on 24/7. Sleep, shower, swim, other things that begin

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Cost Per Use

Ever wanted to buy something expensive, but feel it was a waste of money? Here’s a distinction you can use to figure out if you

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Concentration Music

When I need to do deep work like writing or programming, I want a certain kind of music in the background. Here’s a list of the Spotify Playlists I use.

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