4 Ways To Remember Names

There are a chosen few with a freak ability to remember names with no effort. For the rest of us it is a struggle.  Here’s some quick tips on how to remember names easier. 1. Actually Get The Name One of the main reasons we don’t remember someone’s name is we never heard it in […]

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What do you believe? When you first hear that question you probably think about religion. Then you might go philosophical and/or moral. But those things are just the tip of the iceberg of what you believe. Really they are probably not the most important beliefs you have. They may be foundational, but they aren’t necessarily […]

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What Is a Distinction For Life?

Distinction for life are anything that helps you live better. From the mundane, like keeping your feet comfortable through the day, to the philosophical, like how attention defines your life. Some are subtle and can take a long explanation to get you to make the shift in perception that will allow you to apply them […]

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