Take Responsibility: The Key To Power

Power is the ability to do or act. We all have power, but often we don’t use it. Why? What simple thing could all of us be doing that would greatly increase our personal power?

This week on Distinctions for Life we learn the key to power is to take responsibility. It is the things we take responsibility for that we have the most power over. You’ll hear stories of how taking responsibility made one man the most important person in his partnership. How a fortune 500 director judges employees on how much responsibility they take for themselves. You’ll also learn how taking responsibility is the key to strong relationships and communication.

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How Beliefs Effect Your Emotions

This episode is all about how what we believe about something affects our emotions. If we believe an action means someone is dishonest then we feel bad, but if we believe and action means someone is kind, we feel good.

Beliefs are powerful influences in our lives. Matter of fact they are a whole genre of distinctions we’ll be talking about on Distinctions For life. Please share beliefs that make a big difference to you in the comments below.

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Tony Robbins

How To Use Focus To Change How You Feel

You will learn how to use your power of focus to change your emotions in a second on this episode.

You also gets some tips on how to enjoy a party.

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