Back of Phone Wallet

I like leather things, so when I went looking for an iPhone case I looked for a leather one. I didn’t know this would change my life.

The one I liked had a wallet on the back. I don’t like cases with a flap on the front and never had storage on my case. This one had a wallet on the back. So I stuck a credit card in it.

That is incredibly useful. The truth is in modern society 90% of the time you are only going into your wallet for one of two things: your driver’s license or a credit card. Once you put those on your phone, your wallet doesn’t see as much use.

This is because our phones a super easy to get to. A lot of the time they are in our hands, because we’re in love. Wallets are getting sat on or buried in a purse.

So get a phone case that has something on the back where you can put a credit card and your driver’s license. You’ll save so much time.

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