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“Kevin, did you break your glass on purpose?” Blown Away Judge We are all doing things in our lives that have to be done. But are we doing them on

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If you are an ambitions, smart person my bet is you often feel like you have trouble getting stuff done. Your want-to-do list is a mile long and you never

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Leadership Vs Management

In a job interview I was once asked, “What is the difference between leadership and management?” “Managers make sure things get done,” I answered, “Leaders make sure the right things

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Networking Done Right

When you hear the word NETWORKING you probably have a bunch of weird, mostly negative images in your brain. Painful events where people insistently give you their card. Conversations where

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It’s All Costume

Costume is used as a synonym for dress by those who work in the museum field and by many scholars who study historic dress. Survey of Historic Costume by Phyllis

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