Back of Phone Wallet

I like leather things, so when I went looking for an iPhone case I looked for a leather one. I didn’t know this would change my life. The one I liked had a wallet on the back. I don’t like cases with a flap on the front and never had storage on my case. This […]

Ring on Keychain

I’m a little paranoid about losing my wedding ring. This means I pretty much leave it on 24/7. Sleep, shower, swim, other things that begin with a S. It never comes off. But sometimes it has to. Working out is the one I think of right off the bat, but I know when I’ve had […]

Cost Per Use

Ever wanted to buy something expensive, but feel it was a waste of money? Here’s a distinction you can use to figure out if you should. Think about the cost per use. The first time I did this was when I bought a fancy $900 office chair. That seemed a ludicrous amount of money to […]

Graph Paper Blotter

I’m bit of a D&D geek and once bought a pad of huge graph paper to make dungeon maps on. I don’t know what regular people use this stuff for because it a huge piece of paper (22″x17″). Never did really use it for a big dungeon, but I did shove it under my keyboard […]

People’s Communication Channel of Choice

If you want to effectively communicate with others you need to find out their communication channel of choice. Now I’m not talking about when you are talking to them face to face, rather I mean more distant communication. To me there are three big communication channel: Email Phone Text There are others, Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter […]