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Concentration Music

When I need to do deep work like writing or programming, I want a certain kind of music in the background. My rules are:

  • Instrumental – no vocals
  • Epic or cool if possible.
  • A long playlist – so I don’t have to mess with it when it ends.

I’ve create one playlist of my own, but it is fairly short. May grow in the future.

Concentration Music

So here are a few Spotify playlist I follow:

Music for Concentration

Fantasy Board Gaming

Music for Writing

Acoustic Concentration

Peaceful Guitar

Deep Focus

(Fast) Instrumental

Ambient/Psybient/Space Ambient

Ultimate Study Playlist

Sunday Study – Thomas Frank’s Study Music Selections – Thomas Frank

Best of Movie Soundtracks by Guillaume Flahaut

Steampunk Ambience

Photo by on Unsplash

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