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End of Series 2 | Breaking Your Work Into Chunks

Series 2 is coming to an end for Distinctions For Life. What does that even mean and what’s coming next? I’ll tell you about a new way I’ll help you get better every week.

To explain, let me give you a brief history of DFL and the DFL YouTube Channel.

I originally started this channel in 2008 and it ran for 14 episodes. This was the caveman days of online video. It was so long ago that YouTube didn’t even do high def video, and you couldn’t go longer than 10 minutes.

Digital cameras didn’t exist, you had to digitize taped video and upload your video for hours. But I did it until I burned out on the process. Then DFL sat dormant for years.

In 2019, I decided to bring it back. So I went to update my channel page. How was I going to differentiate between the old stuff and the new stuff? I decided to call the old stuff DFL 1.0, and the new stuff Series 2.

I picked the term series because that is what British television calls what American TV would call a season. But it seemed to be a British series could have a lot lower number of episodes.

Turns out my understanding was wrong about American seasons. Yeah, they used to be 22-28 episodes a year back when there were three TV channels and they took the summers off and ran reruns. But that is long gone.

First cable networks came along and shortened it to 13-14 episodes. Then streaming started and everyone just threw in the towel on episodes for a season. Some episodes are as short as 6 now.

I’ve made over 17 episodes in series 2 of DFL. More than enough to call it a season. I want to break the DFL channel into something, and I’ll tell you why in just a minute. Here’s what I’ve decided to do.

There will be 3 of these divisions, each running 4 months. And since I plan to do this for the long hall, I’m going to name these divisions with the year and the part of the year in the title.

These divisions run Feb to May, June to Sept, and Oct to Jan. You know what? Those are seasons, so I’m going to call them that. Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons. We don’t really have winter here in Texas, so it shouldn’t feel left out.

Alright you may be thinking, Ron that’s all interesting, but why even have seasons at all? Which brings us to the important distinction for today.

Businesses change over time, you need to build in breaks to think about and make changes.

My bet is most new YouTubers don’t think this hard about their channel. Possibly because they don’t think of it as a business. But I do. I can’t stop thinking of any endeavor like a business.

To make a business work, you have to create systems that let you easily do important things quickly, easily, and repeatedly. This ensures your business gets going and keeps going. It makes everything easier to execute.

But it can create problems if you are just doing things because you always have. You had a good reason to do something when you made that system, but things may have changed. You need to examine your business periodically, and then make changes.

For me, these breaks are a time to think about what is working and what isn’t and make changes. Now is the time for that to happen with DFL.

So it is the end of Series 2 and be beginning of the Spring 2020 season.

If you are still here, I know your burning question is, what is going to change?

Well first and foremost, there is going to be a change of focus. When I started DFL I thought of it as a personal development channel. As I’ve grown my mentoring program though I found out a couple of things.

What people most want my help with is growing a business. So I’ve decided to narrow DFL’s focus a little and make it about helping people start and grow a small business.

Future distinctions will help people in all the stages from committing to start a business by building one that is profitable and sustainable. I understand the steps to start a business and can break them down into digestible bits that can be implemented. I can help with the mindset part of starting a business.

Now that you understand what a Series slash Season is, and you understand DFL’s new entrepreneur focus, you are probably wondering what will happen next.

First, there will be no break as you might expect for the end of a season. Expect the next lesson Sunday as always, and click that subscribe button and turn on notification so you don’t miss it.

Second, there will be some visual changes to the videos and my set.

Third, I’m going to start off by presenting the DFL Money Flow in Business Framework. This is the customer-focused flow-chart of how money goes from your customer’s bank account to yours. It will start on Feb 1 and run for 5 weeks.

Before I ask the question of the day, I want to say Thank You for watching. I try not to get caught up in view counts, but every YouTuber gets a little thrill when we see something we created watched, and like. So thank you for watching and thank you for liking my videos.

Question of the Day: What do you want to see on the DFL channel?

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