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Graph Paper Blotter

I’m bit of a D&D geek and once bought a pad of huge graph paper to make dungeon maps on. I don’t know what regular people use this stuff for because it a huge piece of paper (22″x17″). Never did really use it for a big dungeon, but I did shove it under my keyboard in front of my computer.

It is now a blotter that I can write anything on, and I do. I take notes during phone calls. Write down quotes when talking to people over Zoom. Do math and write down measurements from apps. It is amazing how useful it is.

Because it is under my keyboard it doesn’t really take any desk space. It is my desk, but I can write on it now.

Over time the paper fills up. Then I just pull off the top sheet and I’ve got a new clean slate to write on. I can take a picture if I want to keep a record of what I wrote. I generally fold it in half or quarters and put it in my file box.

So get yourself a big blotter pad and use it as your desk. Really it doesn’t have to have a graph on it, but it is nice to have that grid.

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