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Happy Anniversary & End of Summer 2020 Season

It has been a whole year since Distinctions For Life returned to YouTube. Over that year I’ve managed to never miss a new video for you on Sunday.

That’s despite, the plague, government lockdowns, riots, economic downturns, and a year with no live music or theater.

I gotta confess.

I’ve gotten better.

A year ago I was much more concerned with doing than being perfect. I look back at those first videos and cringe a little. About as bad as looking at a DFL 1.0 video from 11 years ago.

But I’ve learned and adapted during that time. Video has gotten pretty solid and its audio is good if I record it right.

A lot of that is down to my video editor, Tim Prosser. Tim has been editing all my videos since the beginning of December 2019. Which means most of the editing is actually his. Thanks, Tim.

If you’d like to hire Tim to edit your stuff, his website is in the description. I highly recommend him.

So much evolution over this year. This has been a weird year. When I started writing this episode, I thought Summer 2020 was the season of the quarantine lockdown, but that was actually the Spring season.

It was during that season that I also did my live streams. So I started to wonder what I did do during the last 4 months.

Looking back at the videos, there were two big trends I noticed.

First, the episodes were more conceptual and even philosophical. We dove into topics like Identity, Language, Perception, and Strategies.

Fairly deep stuff.

The second difference was an uptick in the geekiness. The whole series on Perception was oriented around D&D’s perception roll. The Identity episode was based on Babylon 5.

DFL is a reflection of me. To keep interested in doing these videos in the face of feedback mostly from my friends – thanks Karen, Paul, others – I pick topics related to what I’m interested in. Hence the D&D and Babylon 5 episodes.

If you really want to keep up with what is bouncing around my head, you should subscribe to my weekly email.

Yeah I know, email is so last century.

But I write a short one every Friday that contains a book suggestion, a YouTube channel or podcast suggestion, a tool I use, and a subject worth think about.

You can sign up by going my website, So what is coming up for the rest of the year?

We’re going to start with a series on Questions. I heard a physicist say:

“Knowing the right question to ask is halfway to finding an answer.”

I believe this is true in our own personal development. A lot of the time we are asking the wrong questions habitually and that is killing us.

I’ll spend the month of October talking about questions I find myself using all the time when talking to proteges, clients and friends.

In November, I’m planning to do NaNoWriMo. NaNoWriMo is short for National Novel Writing Month. If you want more info there is a link in the description.

Since I’m going to spend to everyday writing a novel, you can expect distinctions related to writing, and what we learn about life when creating a narrative.

But as always, I want to help you with what you really want in life. So…

Question of the Day: What would you like to see on DFL?

Leave an answer in the comments below.

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