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Protege Application

I review every application personally and won’t accept you as a prospect if I don’t think I can help you.

Fill out the simple form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

– Ron

What Do You Want?

Why do you want to work with Ron? What are you hoping to accomplish? How will you know we were successful working together?


Four Sessions a Month
$ 900 Monthly
  • Focused on Big Changes Fast
  • One-On-One Time With Ron EVERY WEEK
  • Everything Included In Silver ->
  • Detailed Project Planning Assistance


Two Sessions a Month
$ 500 Monthly
  • One-On-One Time With Ron
  • Get Focused On What You Really Want
  • Desired End State Determination Program
  • Protege Directed Learning
  • Innovative Solutions To Your Challenges
  • Accountability to stay on track

Works For You Or Your Money Back

Work with me for a month and if you don’t feel you’ve got more than your money’s worth, I’ll give you your monthly fee back.

I plan to make your life better and if I can’t you shouldn’t have to pay me. 

Interesting Stuff Every Week

Get a short email on Friday’s with:

   – a book suggestion,
   – a YouTube channel suggestion,
   – something to think about, 
   – a bonus.

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