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My Father Died and My Life Is Changing

On January 23, 2021, my father went to his reward. That was three years and one day after my mother. Let’s talk about what that means for DFL.

I had mentioned that my father had cancer in my New Years livestream. I talked about how that was effecting me mentally and how it might impact DFL in the short term. Then he took a rapid turn for the worse and passed away.

In case you didn’t realize, I batch produce videos. Writing and shooting them in groups. So I had videos recorded and to my editor before I left to see Dad one last time. The last one got released the day after he passed, which I can tell you would not have happened if it hadn’t been recorded weeks before.

Since then I haven’t been able to get my head back into writing and recording distinction videos. It still isn’t there, hence this video.

Truth is, I hadn’t expected it to affect me this much, and at such a deep level. I also had expected to be able to muscle through or find some new cool way of getting myself to do stuff I didn’t want to do.

Well, that hasn’t happened yet. So DFL is going on a hiatus. Not sure for how long, but I promise I will come back and talk to you again in the near future. I’ve got some cool ideas to take the channel in a different direction, but nothing is decided yet.

And the truth is it may not really come back. I’ve been doing this for well over a year and the growth and impact hasn’t been what I expected. But if I decide that, then I will make a goodbye video.

Here is a bit of a distinction for you. Don’t make big, final decisions when in an emotional crisis. The death of a loved one or a relationship doesn’t give you the best mental state for making decisions.

This is why I won’t decide to quit DFL right now. Instead, I will put it on hold until I can make decisions I am confident in.

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