It Will Take A Hurricane

As I write this post, the wind is rushing through the trees outside my window. It sounds very peaceful. But isn’t going to stay that way. Hurricane Ike is about 200 miles away heading straight for us. Hopefully we will just get a lot of rain and a sleepless night. More than likely we will […]

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The Golden Rule

You can’t live life to the fullest if you ignore morality, and the greatest teacher in the world on morality was Jesus. Today’s distinction looks at the sermon on the mount and short version, which is the golden rule. Learn a common misconception about the golden rule from two girls in bikinis, and the correct […]

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Teleseminar On Change

The first DFL teleseminar series on change ended this evening with a great interview with Jason and Melanie Van Orden of Jet Set Now. You can listen to a recording of the call here: Jason and Melanie VanOrden You can also learn Power Moves from Steve Bauer, international neurolinguistic programming expert from Brazil, (How To […]

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