Smart Thermostat Wake up

Do you, like me, find it oh-so-hard to get out of a warm bed in the morning? Especially when it is cold outside?

Here’s a simple life hack to make getting up more compelling if you have a Smart Thermostat.

I have a Nest thermostat and instead of letting it determine when temperatures in the house go up and down, I changed it to use a schedule. When I did this I noticed that as it raised the temp in house in the mornings it made my bedroom uncomfortably hot. So hot I wanted to get out of bed.

That’s when it hit me. Use a rise in temperature like an alarm clock. It’s a gradual rise because that’s the way heaters work, but by the time your alarm goes off you’ll be very ready to get out of bed and won’t have the desire to stay in a warm bed away from the cold, cruel world outside.

This works in the Summer too, you just aren’t using the heater, rather you are using less AC in the morning to let your room heat up.

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