Ron Davis

Captivating Speaker. Elite Mentor.

A life long and continuing obsession with making himself the best human he can be has given Ron Davis a varied set of expertise. To share what he knows he’s started Distinctions for Life.

Distinctions For Life guides ambitious people to get what they really want through elite one-on-one mentoring and a free toolbox of articles about little changes that can make a big difference in your life.

He mentors ambitious people to get clarity about what they want, and why they want it. Through his elite one-on-one mentoring he provides enlightenment on how to get it and accountability to follow through.

Ron is a polymath, which means he knows a lot of different stuff. He’s been a programmer, photographer, paramedic, and podcaster. An avid Toastmaster he’s had leadership roles in a variety of organizations in Abilene and North Texas. An entrepreneur with a number of ventures under his belt, he’s developed a passion for helping people start and optimize their lives and businesses.

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You Need Better Fears

Common wisdom demands you overcome your fears to get what you really want, but in this inspirational keynote Ron presents another path. Fear not only keeps us from doing what we want, but often compels us to do things we abhor. Learn techniques and distinctions that will radically change your view of fear, making it one of the two most motivating emotions.

Ron has given many speeches on a variety of topics. Talk to him you have a specific need you’d like your keynote to address.

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Organizations Ron Has Inspired

Speaking Topics

Here are just a few of the topics Ron has and can speak on:

Personal Development

  • Achieving Your Goals With Networking Done Right.
  • Men’s Fashion: 4 Tips to Dress Better.
  • Distinctions for Life. Small changes that make a big difference.
  • Anything Worth Doing is Worth Doing Poorly. [Inspirational]
  • 5 Things I Learned Studying Self Defense.
  • Birthday With A Zero. Fire. Fall. Jump.
  • What is real? (A speech of nothing but questions).



  • How to be a Failure In Business. (Overcoming)
  • Basic Branding and Business Idea Development.


  • Social Media: What your non-profit needs to know.
  • Social Media: How to take advantage without getting overwhelmed.
  • Email Marketing – How To, Doing it Write, Basic Copywriting.
  • Keys to creating a good website.
  • Questions everyone should answer before building their website.

Public Speaking:

  • How to give a speech.
  • Know Your Audience.
  • 4 Public Speaking Things Every Business Person Should  Know and How to Learn Them.
  • Don’t Waste This Moment. (How to start a speech)
  • How to give an introduction.
  • 5 Things you learn from Toastmasters that have nothing to do with speaking.


  • The newbies Guide to Tea
  • Science Fiction: The Classics of Robert Heinlein
  • The Special Baby Story: How to tell you child they are adopted
  • Britishism: Two Peoples Separated By A Common Language
  • The Ketogenic Diet
  • How To Build Podcast that Lasts (Anything having to do with podcasting)
  • The narrative of Our Age: Video Games

Computers and Technical

For non-programmers:    

  • Understanding The Difference (Computer Vocabulary)

For Programmers:

  • International Addresses: Where Ethnocentrism meets Programmer Laziness
  • Tactical Programmer: Writing better code at the function level
  • Scrum: Horrible Name, World Changing Methodology
  • Swift
  • iOS/MacOS programming
  • Python

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