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Cost Per Use

Ever wanted to buy something expensive, but feel it was a waste of money? Here’s a distinction you can use to figure out if you should. Think about the cost per use. The first time I did this was when I bought a fancy $900 office chair. That seemed a ludicrous amount of money to […]

It’s All Costume

Costume is used as a synonym for dress by those who work in the museum field and by many scholars who study historic dress. Survey of Historic Costume by Phyllis G. Tortora & Keith Eubank All fashion/style is a costume. Thinking of what you wear as a costume is a powerful distinction. It gives it […]

Style As Language, Art & Philosophy

Style, in the fashion sense, is going to be a big topic on this blog and you may wonder why. Because it is a small change that makes a big difference. It impacts how you think about yourself and very much influences how others think and act toward you. Style is everything you do to […]

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