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“No Condemnation vs “No Judgement”

People say “No Judgement” all the time when they want you to answer a question that might illicit a response that isn’t politically correct. Get you to admit you do something out of the mainstream. But the reality is you are going to be judged. Matter of fact you might be judged more positively if […]

“I Don’t Care” vs “I’m Fine With Either”

If you are in leadership people will bring you choices. Often you won’t have a preference between the options. You’d really prefer the other people decide and get on with it. For many of us the habitual response is “I don’t care.” That’s a bad choice. The person brought you this choice for a reason. […]

Remember vs Don’t Forget

This post is a “word hack.” Word Hacks are better ways of saying something. “Don’t forget to go to the store.” “Don’t forget you have an appointment at 2pm.” “Don’t forget to brush your teeth.” This is completely easy to understand. The “Don’t Forget” is exactly what you want to do. But there is a […]

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