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Time Management, Goals, and Tools | Time Leadership Series

Time Leadership is a system and like most systems, you need to have some parts in place first. Learn today what is key to starting.

Last week, I told you about why time management will help you, but this week I want to tell you how I do it. I’m going to give you a high-level overview and the tools I use in this episode.

Before we start we need to define some words.

In my system, I break down my life into roles. These get converted into Projects in my todo app and calendars in my calendar app. You can break your life into projects, but in this video, I’ll be referring to roles as the things that contain action steps.

Tasks are the smallest unit of action. They come from the action steps of a goal. Tasks should require less than a couple of hours to complete. They are tasks in a todo app, and there may be a hierarchy.

If a task needs more than a couple of hours to accomplish break it down into smaller units. Habits also are tasks, just reoccurring ones.

All right, now that you understand the words I’m going to use, here’s the super fast high level steps.

  1. Have complete list of every task you need broken down by role.
  2. At the start of every week, review every role’s task and determine if it needs to be deleted, or done this week.
  3. If a task needs to be done, add it to a day in the week.
  4. Each morning review your todo list and plan out the day.
  5. Track your accomplishments and habits.

Just writing out that top level view it seems an inadequate explanation of how this system works. Which means I need to make more videos. I’m going to make videos that show

you exactly how I do each one of these. But let’s start by talking about the three software products I use in my system.


  1. Todoist – This is where I keep almost all of my tasks, action steps, and habits to accomplish my goals. It is the core of the system.
  2. Google Calendar – This is where I keep any task that has a specific time attached to it.
  3. Notion – This is where I keep my habit tracker, which I’ll show you later.

You don’t have to use these tools specifically, though I think they are all great. You just need a:

  • To-do list
  • Calendar
  • Habit tracker

You can use paper if you like. To me though a key necessity is the tool must be available everywhere. On my desktop computer, on my phone on the go, and even to my virtual assistant. That’s why I use these tools.

Ok, that is an overview of the method and a run down of the tools, but it doesn’t mention the important things you have to know before you can actually lead your time.

Your Roles, Goals, and Action Steps.

I keep referring back to these videos from the end of 2019, but you have to know where you are going if you truly want to lead yourself. Remember Time Management is a means to an end, not the end itself. We use it to get what we want. To make happen what we desire. To answer the call.

It is not the calling itself. It is not the goal. Reaching inbox zero isn’t winning the game, it a mile stone moving you toward your goal.

Roles are just how you organizing all the things you want to do. All the action steps you need to take. There are lots of systems that impose on you a set of categories of the parts of your life.

They don’t take into account who you really are and what is important in your life. You need this role list because it is the structure you use across your tools.

In Todoist for instance you have projects, which are groups of tasks. In my system, those projects are my roles in life.

In Calendar applications, you have calendars. In my systems, those two are my roles in life.

This break down by role provides coherence across the tools. So you must know what those roles are in advance.

Overview of Steps

–  Have Roles and Goals

–  Put action steps into Todoist Projects

–  Plan Your Week on Sunday

–  Plan you day each morning

–  Track your progress

I promised a bonus if you stuck around to the end. I’ve created a one-pager that guides you through the creation of a Goal and Action Steps.

You can get for free by going to

Question of the Day: What are your roles and goals for 2021?

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