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YouTube Desired End State

YouTube is returning to DFL. When I decided to bring DFL back, I wanted it to be centered on the YouTube channel, but I also wanted to begin. This meant that things devolved into the site you see now. Not a bad outcome, but not the one I think will be the most effective.

I’ve tried to do video a number of times in the months since DFL was reborn. I’ve got a bunch of old gear from the original DFL, my multiple podcasts, and various other endeavors.

The problem was every time I would really set out to make a video, I’d spend half a day setting things up. Then the quality would suck and I couldn’t get anything done.

This happen over and over again.

All the while I felt more and more of a need to do video.

Finally I asked myself what do I really need to be able to do? Or put in another way – the way I teach it to my proteges – “What is my Desired End State?”

A DES is like a goal, but not quite as SMART. It generally isn’t measurable, though sometimes it is. Most importantly it is visualizable.

My DES for video was, “I need to be able to go from idea to shooting in under 15 minutes.”

If I have to spend half an hour setting things up, I’m not going to ever shoot anything. This DES showed more than just a time limit when I visualize it. It showed quality level, look and feel of the video, and the fact there needs to be a post production DES too.

Now I was setting out to solve a different problem. I wasn’t trying to shoot a distinctions. I was trying to set up a reproducible production studio.

It’s been two weeks of working on this every day. But I’m almost to the DES.

Next month I’m going to be shooting actual episodes. You may not see them next month as I hope to take a trick from podcasting and shoot 4-6 before I even publish the first one. But they will be shot and edited.

Looking forward to seeing y’all again soon.

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